1. Wide bandwidth


  • The light wave occupies the frequency range between 2 x 1012 Hz to 7 x 1012 Hz. Thus the information carrying capability of fiber optic cables is much higher.

2.  Low losses


  • Fiber optic cables offers bery less signal attenuation over long distances. Typically it is less than 1 dB/km. This enables longer distance between repeaters.

3.  Immune to cross talk


  • Fiber optic cables has very high immunity to electricaland magnetic field. Since fiber optic cables are non-conductors of electricity hence they do not produce magnetic field. Thus fiber optic cables are immune to cross talk between cables cause dby magnetic

4.  Interference immune


  • Fiber optic cable sar eimmune to conductive and radiative interferences caused by electrical noise sources such as lighting, electric motors, fluorescent lights.

5.  Light weight


  • As fiber cables are made of silica glass or plastic which is much lighter than copper or aluminium Light weight fiber cables are cheaper to transport.





6.  Small size


  • The diameter of fiber is much smaller compared to other cables, therefore fiber calbe is small in size, requires less storage

7.  More strength


  • Fiber cables are stronger and rugged hence can support more

8.  Security


  • Fiber cables are more secure than other cables. It is almost impossible to tap into a fiber cable as they do n ot radiate signals.

No ground loops exist between optical fibers hence they are more secure.


9.  Long distance transmission


  • Becaujse of less attenuation transmission at a longer distance is

10.  Environment immune


  • Fiber calbes are more immune to environmental extremes. They can operate over a large temperature Also they are not affected by corrosive liquids and gases.

11.  Sage and easy installation


  • Fiber cables are safer and easier to install and maintain. They are non-conductors hence there is no shock hazards as no current or voltage is associated with Their small size and light weight feature makes installation easier.

12.  Less cost


  • Cost of fiber optic system is less compated to any other