If goods or passengers are carried by airway by the means of aircraft it is called carriage by air. The law relating to the carriage by air is guided by the International Conference of Warsaw 1929 and Hague Protocol 1995. In Nepal Civil Aviation Act, 2015 and Nepal Airline Service Corporation Act, 2019 have been enacted. Airway bill is one of the documents made as a contract relating to carriage by air. It is known as the Air consignment note when goods are transferred to the air carrier for the purpose of carriage, the carrier issues the airway bill to the consigner. The airway bill is issued in triplicates. Each of them will be with the carrier, goods receiver and the consignor respectively.

The document is regarded as a contract between the carrier and the consignor. The following particulars contain the airway bill.


  • The place and date of issue of the bill.
  • The place of departure name and address of the consigner.
  • Nature of goods and the packing method.
  • Weight and quality of the goods.
  • Carrying route, period and stopping place.


 Passenger Ticket

 It is also a document which is regarded as a contract between the carrier and passenger. It is issued by the air carrier or his agent to the passenger after paying the fare. It contains the following matters.


  • Name and address of the airline company and the airplane.
  • Name the address of the passengers, issue date of the ticket, date and time of departure, fare, arrival time of airport, and liability of the company


Luggage Tickets

 The ticket that is issued by the carrier to a passenger with a permission to carry goods by air is called 'luggage ticket' and that is regarded as a document of a contract. It is in duplicate one is for the consignor or passengers the other is for the carrier. Portable and small goods are carried by the passengers in their hands. But large and non portable goods are delivered to the carrier, the receipt issued by the carrier is the luggage ticket. It contains the matter of the number of baggage and their weight, place of the departure and arrival ticket number, date and place of luggage to be received, and liabilities of the carrier and so on.