Artificial Intelligence Important (AI) – Old Question Set

Artificial Intelligence Important Question set, Old question set for the bachelor and master students are here.

Artificial Intelligence Important (AI) – Old Question Set 2018

1. What are PEAS descriptors? Give PEAS descriptors for- 

a. part picking robot

b. automated car

2. Explain A* algorithm and its drawback with example. Also show that A is optimally efficient.

3 Discuss about Constraints Satisfaction Problem (CSP). Solve the following Crypt-arithmetic problem. LOGIC+ LOGIC PROLOG

4. Consider the following facts:

a. If the maid stole the jewellery, then the butler wasn’t guilty.

b. Either the maid stole the jewellery or she milked the cows.

c. If the maid milked the cows, then the butler got his cream.

d. Therefore, if the butler was guilty, then he got his cream.

e. Prove that the conclusion (step 4) is valid using resolution

5. Highlight the differences between Propositional and Predicate Logic. Also, list down the rules for inference.

7. How uncertainty is represented in artificial intelligence? Discuss fuzzy logic with its advantages.

8. What is Multiple level perceptron? How learning and validation is done in back propagation algorithm? Explain detail with example.

8. What do you mean by genetic algorithm? Explain it with suitable example and algorithm.

1O. Explain supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning with example.

11. How can be design expert system and what are the components of expert system?

Artificial Intelligence Important (AI) – Old Question Set 2018 Fall

1. Explain about different kinds of intelligent agent along with diagram and examples.

2. Consider the graph given in figure below. Assume that the-initial state is s 10 10 using A* Search. Also report the solution cost. The direct line distance estimate estimates for nodes are as follows:

h (1) 14, h(2)-10, h(3)-8, h(4)-12, h(5)-10, h(6)-10, h(S)-15.

3. What are advantages of FOPL. Represent the following sentences in first- order logic:

a) Every person who buys a policy is smart.

b) No person buys an expensive policy

c) There is an agent who sells policies only to people who are not insured

d) There is an agent who sells policies only to people who are not insured

e) Everyone is loyal to someone

4 Solve following crypto-arithmetic problem stating all necessary conditions:


5. Why Conjuctive normal form is required? Explain all the steps to covert to CNF. Transform following into CNF

ii. Everyone who loves all animals is loved by someone. 

6. Define a multi layer neural network. Explain with example how perception can be used as linear classifier?

7. Justify that the study of gene is one of important part in the AI. List down tree the steps involved in genetic algorithm with an example

8. What is decision tree? How decision tree can be used for inference? Give suitable example.

9. Explain supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning with example.

10. Draw and describe the architecture of expert system. How does parse help in NLP expłain with suitable example.


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