Air Fare Calculation Syllabus - BBA-TT (PU)

  • Short Name AFC
  • Course code AFC 303
  • Semester Eighth Semester
  • Full Marks 100
  • Pass Marks 45
  • Credit Hrs 3
  • Elective/Compulsary Elective

Air Fare Calculation

Chapter wise complete Notes.

Course Description

Course objectives

The objective of this course is to make the students acquainted with the basic aviation geography and to understand the air fares calculations. To study the international airfares, regulations and formalities to travel, and to construct fare for advance level of IATA airlines fares and ticketing.

Course Description

Students will learn about the international airfares, regulations and formalities to travel, and to construct fare for advance level of IATA airlines fares and ticketing. It will be an update to the students to practically understand the fare and ticketing in airline industry. It will provide a frame works of understand the international ticketing.

Course Outcomes

  • Students will be able to construct fare for advance level of IATA airlines fares and ticketing
  • This knowledge will make students well aware of the intricacies of different components of fare constructions to make them able to compete in the competitive travel trade business.
Unit Contents

Course Contents:

Unit 1:  Introduction of Increase Rules/Minimum Checks - 4 Hours

Definition, application and purpose of Backhaul Check, exemption to Backhaul Check, Practical exercises on Backhaul Check

Unit 2: Return Journey : Round Trip Journey  & Circle Trip Journey - 9 Hours

Definition of Return Journey, Round Trip Journey, Practical exercises of Round Trip Journey, Circle Trip Journey, practical exercises of Circle Trip Journey, Circle Trip Minimum Check (CTM), is applicability, practical exercises on Circle Trip Minimum Check CTM Check, Round the World Minimum Check (RWM), exemption to Round the World Minimum Check, practical exercises on Round the World journey, definition of Directional Minimum Check (DMC), exemption and applicability

Unit 3: Lowest Combination Principle (LCP) - 5 Hours

Definition, application and purpose (when and how) of Lowest Combination of Fares Principle (LCP), Practical Exercise on Lowest Combination of Fares principle

Unit 4: Introduction of Open Jaw journey (OJ) - 6 Hours

Definition of Open Jaw Journey using One Way fares, practical exercises on Open Jaw with One Way, definition of Open Jaw Journey using ½ Round Trip fares/Normal Fare, practical exercises of Open Jaw with ½ Round Trip (RT) fares

Unit 5: Pricing Unit Concept - 3 Hours

Introduction to Pricing Unit Concept, Slicing/dicing pricing units, practical exercises on Pricing Unit Concept and its applicability

Unit 6: Introduction of Mixed Class Journey - 4 Hours

Definition of Mixed Class Journey, Mixed Class fare construction techniques, true class differentials using multi level fares, practical exercises of fare calculation on Mixed Class journey

Unit 7: Introduction of Interrupted Travel /Imbedded Sector - 4 Hours

Definition of Interrupted Travel, Imbedded Sector, practical Exercises on interrupted travel, practical exercises on routing with Imbedded sector, Surface break calculation of fares for the routing with Surface break

Unit 8: Introduction of Re-routing/Re-issue of Ticket - 4 Hours

Endorsement procedures, introduction of Rerouting/Reissuing, procedure, Voluntary rerouting its applicability/authority, involuntary rerouting definition, applicability, authority

Unit 9: Introduction of Endorsement regulation and Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO) - 4 Hours

Definition of Endorsement, its process and acceptance of authority; Introduction and application of the use of Miscellaneous Charges Order for the payment of air fare

Unit 10: Introduction of Airlines Passenger Proration and Special Fare/ Discounted Fare  - 4 Hours

Passenger proration, prorate factor manual passenger, proviso, practical exercise on simple proration

Text and Reference Books

Text Book:

  • Passenger Air Tariff-World-Wide, International Air transport Association (IATA) and SITA, complete set of books comprising Fares Eastern Hemisphere, Fares and fares Rules Eastern Hemisphere, Fares Western Hemisphere, Fare rules Western Hemisphere, World Widw General Rules and Maximum Permitted

Reference Books:                                              

  • BIATA Ticketing Hand Book published by IATA
  • Passenger Air Tariff, Pricing Unit Concept Guide 1st Edition published by IATA
  • Official Airline Guide (OAG) Part one and two