Hotel and Hospitality Management Syllabus - BBA-TT (PU)

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Course Description

Course Objectives

This course aims to provide basic knowledge about hotel and hospitality business and its operations.

Course Description

This course basically deals with historical development of hospitality and its importance in tourism industry. It focuses on different departments of hotel and functions of each department.  Finally, students learn the significance and role of accommodation industry in Nepal. 

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • understand the basic of hotel and hospitality management
  • understand different department of hotel and their functions
  • experience how to sale rooms and other ancillary service of hotel
  • handle guest queries, grievances and expectations
  • plan food menu and organize events

Unit Contents

Course Contents

Unit I: Introduction to Hospitality Industry                                                             6 hours

Introduction, Brief history of Hospitality industry, Scope of hospitality and tourism industries.

Unit II: Concept of Accommodation in Tourism                                                      9 hours

Types of accommodation, Hotel and department of hotel: Operational and functional department, Lodge, Housekeeping, Types of room, Types of room rate and plan, Role of accommodation in tourism

Unit III: Front Office                                                                                                9 hours

Front office equipment, Reservations process, Potential reservation problems, Processing guest charges and payments, Guest check in and checkout procedures.                              

Unit IV: The Restaurant Business                                                                           10 hours

Food and Beverage, Catering establishment, Menu knowledge and planning, Facilities layout, Design of the physical facility, Room service, Inventory and purchasing food and beverage, Convention, meetings, Event management

Unit V: Recreation and Leisure                                                                               5 hours

Recreation, Leisure and wellness: Government sponsored recreation, National Parks, Commercial recreation: Theme parks, Casino and gaming, Clubs, and Non-commercial recreation, Attraction: natural and artificial attraction.

Unit VII: Hotel industry in Nepal                                                                             5 hours

Evolution and growth of hotel industry in Nepal

Unit VIII: Hotel-Guest Relationship                                                                        4 hours

Hotel guest and its types, The guest cycle: Pre-Arrival, Arrival, Occupancy, Departure.



Text and Reference Books

Basic Text

Knowles, Tim: Hospitality Management: An Introduction, Longman.


Walker, J. Introduction to Hospitality Management, Pearson Education

Andrew, S. Text Book of Front Office Management & Operation, Tata McGraw- Hill Publishing Company Limited.

Angelo, Rocco M. and Vladimir, Andrew N. An Introduction to Hospitality Today, 5th Edition, Education Institution, American Hotel & Motel Association.

Baker, Kevin and Huyton, Jeremy. Hospitality Management: An Introduction, Hospitality Press.


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  • Short Name N/A
  • Course code HTM 101
  • Semester Third Semester
  • Full Marks 100
  • Pass Marks 45
  • Credit 3 hrs
  • Elective/Compulsary Compulsary