Tourism Products Development Syllabus - BBA-TT (PU)

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Course Description

Course objectives

Students will learn about the development of tourism product with understanding of contemporary issues of product development in the tourism business. Students are expected to create innovative ideas on designing tourism products and the quality development of tourism products / services.

Course Description

This course is to provide specific knowledge about the process and analysis of physical designing of tourism products based on local and international designing concepts. This course introduces learners to the tourism product development. The course also highlight the New product development (NPD), Market research and its influence on new product development, Strategy for tourism product development and issues in Tourism Product Development.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • initiate and carry out advanced analysis and research in the field of tourism product development
  • understand ways of effective tourism product development  and destination development
  • facilitate the assessment of the tourism potential of a destination and prepared a tourism development plan as well as marketing new products

Unit Contents

Course Content

Unit 1: New Product Development (NPD)                                                               8 hours

Perspective on New Product Development (NPD); Innovation management and NPD; Considerations when developing a NPD strategy; NPD as a strategy for growth; A range of product development opportunities; What is a new product? {(Defining a new product; and classification of new products - New-to-the-world products, New product lines (new to the firm), Additions to existing lines, Improvements and revisions to existing products, Cost reductions, Repositioning; New product development as an industry innovation cycle)}; Overview of NPD theories

Unit 2: Models of new product development                                                           4 hours

Departmental-stage models; Activity-stage models and concurrent engineering; Cross-functional models (teams); Decision-stage models; Conversion-process models; Response models; and Network models

Unit 3: Market research and its influence on new product development              8 hours

Market research and new product development; The purpose of new product testing; Testing new products; Techniques used in consumer testing of new products; Discontinuous new products; Market research and discontinuous new products; Circumstances when market research may hinder the development of discontinuous new products; Technology-intensive products; Breaking with convention and winning new markets; When it may be correct to ignore your customers; Striking the balance between new technology and market research; The challenge for senior management

Unit 4: Conceptual understanding of Tourism Product Development       8 hours

Introduction to Tourism Product Development (TPD) (Defining TPD, and TPD framework); The tourism destination and its characteristics {Fragmentation of supply; interdependence and complementarity of tourist services; rigidity of supply; long lead times; product planning based on realistic forecasts of demand; Intangible – "Expectations – Experiences – Memories"; Price Elasticity of Demand; Seasonality; Consumer as part of the tourism product; Importance of Intermediaries}; Variables influencing Tourism Product Development (Economic, Social, environmental, political, technological, demographic factors; Globalization vs. localization; Living and working environments; Search for authentic experiences; Marketing; Issues of safety and security while traveling)

Unit 5: Strategy for tourism product development                                                   4 hours

Resources and attributes; Market opportunities; Factors of Production and Investment Potential; Policies sand Systems; Variables in tourism product development strategy ; Role of destination authorities in tourism product development

Unit 6: Principles and procedures for tourism product development                        6 Hours

Market Research; Stakeholder Consultation and collaboration; Market – product matching; Tourism and Product Development Areas (TDAs/PDAs); Flagship and Hub development; Clusters, circuits and Events; product portfolio, Investment Plan and Funding; Human Resource Development; Product Development and Marketing

Unit 7 : Steps involved in the tourism product development process                    10 Hours

The Present Situation (PEST and SWOT analyses, Tourism Area Life Cycle Analysis, Ansoff Matrix, Boston Consulting Group Matrix); Identification of Tourism Product Development; Tourism Product Development Priorities; Putting the Plan into Action

Text and Reference Books

Text Books:

  • Annacchino, A. M. (2003) (Ed.). Introduction. In: New Product Development. Burlington: Butterworth-Heinemann.

Trott, P. (2005). Innovation management and new product development (3rd edn.). Essex: Pearson Education Limited.

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  • Short Name N/A
  • Course code TDP 308.3
  • Semester Sixth Semester
  • Full Marks 100
  • Pass Marks 45
  • Credit 3 hrs
  • Elective/Compulsary Compulsary