Computer Architecture and Microprocessors Syllabus - BCIS (PU)

  • Short Name CAM
  • Course code CMP 263
  • Semester Third Semester
  • Full Marks 100
  • Pass Marks 45
  • Credit Hrs 3
  • Elective/Compulsary Compulsary

Computer Architecture and Microprocessors

Chapter wise complete Notes.

Course Description

Course Objectives

This course will provide the fundamental knowledge to understand the basics, operation, programming and application of microprocessor and brief insight into computer architecture.

Course Description

This is a fundamental course for the microprocessor and computer architecture. 8085 microprocessor is taken as an example processor to deal with the details of the microprocessor. The course introduces about the microprocessors system and gives idea for assembly language programming and machine language programming with 8085 microprocessor. The course also deals with the hardware aspects of microprocessors such as memory interfacing, input/output interfacing, interrupt handling and some typical interfacing chips such as PPI and USART. The course also introduces the students about the parallel systems and different processor architecture.

Course Outcomes

After the completion of the course, students should be able to

  • know basics of microprocessor and microprocessor based systems
  • know the internal architecture of microprocessor
  • write assembly language program
  • solve various instructions such as data transfer, arithmetic, logical, branching etc. to solver various problems
  • know various microprocessor operations and their timing diagrams
  • interface various devices such as keyboard and seven segment displays
  • know various interfacing standards
  • handle interrupts
  • have an idea about parallel systems and different processor architectures

Unit Contents

Course Contents

1.  Introduction : 4 hours

Introduction and History of Microprocessors, Basic Block Diagram of a Computer, Bus Organization with Microprocessor Based System, Stored Program Concept and its Processing Cycle, Microprogrammed and Hardwired control unit.

2. Intel 8085 Microprocessor Architecture and Programming : 12 hours

Internal Architecture of 8085 microprocessor, Features of 8085 microprocessor, Instruction and Data format, Operation Code and Operands, Addressing Modes of 8085, Instruction Set of 8085, Assembly language programming with 8085 microprocessor.

3. Microprocessor System8 hours

Pin Configuration of 8085 microprocessor, Microprocessor Operations, Fetch Operation and Timing Diagram, Execute Operation and Timing Diagram, I/O and Memory Read/Write Timing Diagrams, Memory Device and Classification, I/O Address Decoding, Memory Address Decoding

4. Basic I/O Interfacing : 12 hours

Parallel Interfacing, Serial Interfacing, Modes of parallel transfer, Introduction to 8255A Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI), 8255 Operating modes and programming, Interfacing with keyboard and seven segment display, Synchronous and Asynchronous Serial Transmission, RS 232 Standard, Connection between DTE and DTE, Introduction to USART 8251, Basic DMA operation, DMA Controlled I/O, The 8237 DMA Controller, Introduction to ISA, PCI, AGP and USB Interface standards.

5. Interrupt handling : 6 hours

Polling and Interrupt, Interrupt processing sequence, Interrupt service routine, interrupt handling with 8085, Introduction to 8259, Using 8259 with 8255.

6. Advanced Topics6 hours

Parallel and concurrent systems, Different level of parallelism (instruction level, process level and thread level parallelism), Register based and accumulator based architecture, RISC and CISC architecture

Laboratory Work

Assembly language programming using 8085 trainer kit. The programming should include: data transfer, arithmetic operation, logic operation, conditional branching, base conversion etc.

Text and Reference Books


  1. Gaonkar, Ramesh S.: Microprocessor Architecture, Programming, and Applications with 8085, Prentice Hall, New Delhi
  2. Hall, Douglas V.: Microprocessor and Interfacing programming and Hardware, McGraw Hill, New Delhi
  3. Uffenbeck, , John . Microcomputers and Microprocessors, The 8080, 8085 and Z-80 Programming, Interfacing and Troubleshooting, 3rd Edition 1999, Prentice Hall, New Delhi