Facility Planning and Management Syllabus - BHM (TU)

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Course Description

Career Objectives


This course aims to provide students both the theoretical and practical knowledge regarding planning of facility management in aspects of engineering terminology in hospitality industry. The course emphasis in manage the facility of hospitality industry.

Course Description

This course contains physical plant and building, design and planning, management method system, Hospitality Engineering, Food service refrigeration, Conservation.

Unit Contents

Course Details

Unit 1: Physical plant and building                                                                              LH 4

Types of structure

  • Low rise building
  • High rise building Classification of hotels
  • Star hotel
  • Resort
  • Home stay

Unit 2: Design & Planning LH 4

  • Landscaping and ground
  • Parking
  • Flooring and furnishing
  • Guestroom design & planning
  • Lobby design & planning
  • Kitchen and restaurant design & planning
  • Exterior design & planning
  • Interior design & planning

Unit 3: Hotel Building Economic LH 3

  • Capital project costs (building cost)
  • Building structure costs
  • Finishing costs
  • Land development costs

Unit 4: Hospitality Engineering LH 4 Engineering department

  • Organization chart of engineering department
  • Responsibilities of engineering department
  • Duties and responsibilities of chief engineer
  • Relationship with other department
  • Facility providing departments of hotel: Kitchen, Restaurant, Housekeeping Front Office and Engineering

Maintenance     LH 2

  • Importance of maintenance
  • Types of maintenance
  • Maintenance management system

Electricity        LH 8

  • Importance of electricity
  • AC & DC, Ampere, Volt, Watt, Resistance, Power, Calculation of unit, Live (phase) & Neutral, Three phase, Earthing, Fuse, Circuit breaker, Distribution, Transformer
  • Safety precaution
  • Symbols of electrical engineering
  • Basic electronics and communication system

Fuel                 LH 2

  • Types of fuel
  • Importance of fuel
  • Sources of fuel
  • Primary and Secondary fuel
  • Calorific value

Heat & Light LH 2

  • Importance of heat
  • Transfer of heat
  • Unit of heat
  • Natural and artificial light
  • Sources of light

Water and waste water system LH 8

  • Water and waste water management
  • Sources of water
  • rainwater harvesting
  • Types of water
  • Water demand
  • Air, water and land
  • Water analysis
  • Impurities in water
  • Pollution and waste water management
  • Treatment plant; water and sewage
  • Plumbing fitting
  • Drainage system/sewage
  • Recreation water

Heating, ventilation and Air conditioning LH 4

  • Heating process: water and oil
  • Principle of air conditioning
  • Types of Air conditioning
  • Importance of ventilation

Safety & Securities LH 2

  • Safety measures
  • Security systems
  • Monitoring
  • Classes of fire
  • Fire extinguishers and its types
  • Fire protecting devices
  • Fire drill
  • Fire escape and evacuation plan

Vertical transportation LH 1

  • Lift
  • Escalator
  • Dumbwaiter

Unit 5 : Food Service Refrigeration  LH 2

  • Refrigeration cycle and its major components
  • COP
  • Electrical components of refrigerators

Unit 6: Conservation

  • Importance of conservation LH 1
  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation

Demonstrative Practical/Observation (4 hours )

  • Electrical supply system
  • Water pump
  • Water treatment
  • Refrigeration system

Text and Reference Books

Reference Books

Bansal, T, Hotel Facility Planning, New Delhi: Oxford University Press. Rai, T. J. Hotel Engineering, Kathmandu: Biwa Publishing House Ghosal, S. Hotel Engineering, Oxford University Press

Redlin, M. H.& Stipanuk, D. M. Hospitality management library engineering system, New York: American Hotel and Lodge Association (AHLA)

Goyal N. C. and Arora, K.C. Text Book of Hotel Maintenance, New Delhi: Jain Book



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  • Short Name N/A
  • Course code BHM 327
  • Semester Fifth Semester
  • Full Marks 100
  • Pass Marks 45
  • Credit 3 hrs
  • Elective/Compulsary Compulsary