Food and Beverage Service III Syllabus - BHM (TU)

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Course Description


Course Objectives

This course aims to make students able to understand both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of alcoholic beverage such as spirits, liqueurs, and mixed drinks. This course also imparts the knowledge and skills of bar operations in food and beverage service areas of hotel and catering industry.

Course Description

This course includes the knowledge and skill of alcoholic beverages such as spirits (Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Brandy, Gin, and other spirits) liqueurs, and cordials. This course also covers the bar setup and mixology.


Unit Contents

Course Details

Unit 1: Alcoholic Beverages & Proof                                                                             LH 3

Introduction, Methods of preparing alcohol: fermentation, distillation, Distillation process, History and definition of spirits, characteristics of distillations, types of spirits, International understanding and measurement of alcoholic strength, Service of spirits. Proof: Definition, Types of proof, Standard calculation of proof.

Unit 2: Whisky                                                                                                             LH 3

Introduction, History and manufacturing process, Types, Characteristics of popular whisky, Popular brands.

Unit 3: Vodka                                                                                                                LH 2

Introduction, Manufacturing process, Types, Popular brands.

Unit 4: Rum                                                                                                                   LH 2

Introduction, History, Manufacturing process, Types, Categories of rums, Popular brands

Unit 5: Brandy                                                                                                               LH 3

Introduction, Manufacturing process, Types: Cognac, Armanac and other brandies, Categories of brandy, Cognac Vs Armanac, Popular brands.

Unit 6: Gin                                                                                                                     LH 2

Introduction, Manufacturing process, Types, Popular brands.

Unit 7: Tequila & Mezcal                                                                                              LH 3

Introduction, History, Manufacturing process, Types, Categories of tequila, Popular Brands, Traditional way of drinking tequila. Mezcal: Traditional way of drinking mezcal, Different between tequila and mezcal.

Unit 8: Liqueurs & Eaux - de – Vie                                                                                LH 3

Introduction, History, Production, Flavouring agents, sweetening agents, Colouring agents, Popular brands. Eaux – de – Vie: Calvados, Applejack, Poir Williams.

Unit 9: Cordials                                                                                                              LH 2

Introduction, History, Manufacturing process, Popular brands.

Unit 10: Bar and its Setup                                                                                              LH 6

History, Introduction, Types, Planning process, Preliminary consideration, Parts of the bar, Bar equipment, Bar furniture, Bar designing, Bar layout, Bar setup, Bar staging, Bar tasks, Service.

Unit 11: Mixology & Cocktails                                                                                       LH 6

Introduction, Structure and components, Types, Developing of recipes, Measuring, Mixing methods and garnishing. Cocktails: History, Definition, Making cocktails, Popular cocktails recipes.

Unit 12: Alcoholic Beverage in Nepal                                                                              LH 2

Introduction, History, Beverage tradition in Nepal.

Unit 13: Rules and Regulation                                                                                        LH 2

Rules and regulation about alcoholic beverages in Nepal and International context.

Demonstration & Practical                                                                                 LH 9

  • Cocktails Spirits based – 3 each, and 5
  • Lunch service

Text and Reference Books


Singaravelavan, R. (2011), Food and Beverage Service. New Delhi: Oxford University Press Publication.

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  • Short Name N/A
  • Course code BHM 313
  • Semester Third Semester
  • Full Marks 100
  • Pass Marks 45
  • Credit 3 hrs
  • Elective/Compulsary Compulsary