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Course Description

Course Objectives

This course aims at imparting knowledge to students on the key concepts and strategies of hospitality and sales marketing with a view to enable students to learn and develop problem solving abilities and skills in areas of hospitality marketing and sales programme.

Course Description

Hospitality Marketing and Sales is a dynamic and an exciting field, a key tool in understanding and tackling the challenges hospitality organisation/industry faces globally, and in Nepal. This course presents in-depth understanding of the modern day hospitality marketing concepts, with theoretical as well as practical insights on this evolving discipline.

Unit Contents

Course Details

Unit 1: Introduction to Hospitality Services Marketing                                                                                                                                   LH 4

Introduction to Services Marketing, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Service Trends and Issues Affecting the Hospitality Industry, Nature of Hospitality Product and Services

Unit 2: Understanding the Behavior of Hospitality Consumers                                                                                                                                   LH 5

Introduction to Hospitality Consumers’ Behavior, Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior, Consumer Decision-Making Model, Consumer Problem-Solving Processes, Consumer Problem-Solving Techniques, Organizational Buyer Behavior

Unit 3: Hospitality Marketing Environment                                                                             LH 4

Environment influence on Hospitality Organization, The Macro Environment (Political, Legal,                Economic,          Socio-Cultural, Technological ,Environmental),  The   Micro Environment- Customer, Employees, Suppliers, Intermediaries, Competitors, Public Media.

Unit 4: Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning                                                        LH 7 Markets, Market Segmentation, Market Segmentation, Market Targeting, Selecting a Market     Segments,                     Choosing   a               Market-Coverage           Strategy,                       Market      Positioning, Positioning Strategies, Choosing and Implementing a Positioning Strategy, Positioning Measurement – perceptual mapping, Product Differentiation, Selecting the Right Competitive Advantages, Communicating and Delivering the Chosen Position

Unit 5: Marketing Information and Research                                                                                                                                   LH 6

Marketing Intelligence- Internal Company Sources, Competitor Information, Marketing Information Systems, Marketing Research- Secondary Research, Syndicated Studies, Primary Research, Importance of Marketing Research, Common Concerns in Hospitality Marketing Research- Who Are Our Customers, Product Research: What Do Our Customers Want, Copy Testing, Tracking Studies, The Research Process- Problem Dentition, Research Design and Implementation, Data Analysis and Interpretation,

Preparation of the Research Report, Consumer Information: Mining the Guest Database- Tracking Guest Transactions, Frequency Marketing, Using the DBM Program

Unit 6: Marketing Plan and the 8 Ps                                                                                                                                            LH 5

Defining Marketing Plan, Differences between Tactical and Strategic Planning, Requirements for an Effective marketing Plan, Benefits of Having a Marketing Plan, Steps involved in Preparing a Marketing Plan, The 8 Ps of Hospitality and Travel Marketing

Unit 7: Hospitality Sales Distribution System                                                                                        LH 6

The Concept of Distribution, Channels of Distribution, Lodging Distribution Systems (The Need for Distribution in Lodging, Reservation Systems in Lodging, The Future of Reservations,                 Lodging                          Channels  of               Distribution),           Distribution   in                          Foodservice (Franchising in Foodservice, Intensive Distribution: Intercept Marketing, Intermediaries)

Unit 8: Introduction to Hospitality Marketing and Sales                                                                                                                                   LH 3

Introduction to Hospitality Marketing and Sales, Management's Role in Marketing and Sales, The Importance of Marketing and Sales, Trends shaping the future of Hospitality Marketing and Sales

Unit 9: Hospitality Marketing and Sales Techniques                                                                                                                                   LH 8

Personal Sales in Hospitality (Prospecting, Preparation for the Presentation Sales Call, The Presentation Sales Call, Improving Sales Productivity), Telephone Sales in Hospitality (Basics of Telephone Communication, Outgoing Calls, Incoming Calls, Telephone Sales Operations), Internal Marketing and Sales in Hospitality (Introduction to Internal Marketing in Hospitality, Establishing an Internal Marketing Plan, Empowering Employees to Deliver Quality Service), Internal Merchandising (Guest-Contact Areas, Back-of-the-house Areas), Special Services and In-House Promotions

Text and Reference Books

Reference Books

Morrison, A. M. Hospitality and Travel Marketing, New York: Thomas Learning Inc.

Kotler, P., Bowen, J. T.& Makens, J.C., Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, New Delhi: Pearson Education Publication

Hsu, Cathy H. C. and Powers, T., Marketing Hospitality, New York: John Wiley and Sons. Woodruff, H. Service Marketing. New Delhi: MacMillan India Ltd.

Abbey, J. R. Hospitality Sales and Marketing, New York: Michigan: American Hotel and Lodge Association (AHLA)

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  • Short Name N/A
  • Course code BHM 330
  • Semester Fifth Semester
  • Full Marks 100
  • Pass Marks 45
  • Credit 3 hrs
  • Elective/Compulsary Compulsary