House Keeping Management Syllabus - BHM (TU)

  • Short Name N/A
  • Course code BHM 322
  • Semester Second Semester
  • Full Marks 100
  • Pass Marks 45
  • Credit Hrs 3
  • Elective/Compulsary Compulsary

House Keeping Management

Chapter wise complete Notes.

Course Description

Course Objective

This course aims to impart theoretical and practical knowledge on linen, fabrics, interior design and laundry, to develop skill on room inspection, stain removal and flower arrangement in different styles and to acquaint the students with concepts of planning, organization and controlling from the management prospective.

Course Description

This course delineates thorough and systematic knowledge and skill on hotel linen, linen room, uniforms, fibers and fabrics, planning and organization of housekeeping department of hotel, interior design and floorings.

Unit Contents

Course Details

Unit 1: Hotel Linen                                                                                                                                                LH2

Introduction to Hotel Linen, Classification of Linen, Standard Sizes.

Unit 2: Linen Room                                                                                                                                               LH9

Introduction, Location of the Linen Room, Function of the Linen Room, Linen Room Staff-Duties and Responsibilities, Layout of the Linen Room, Equipments Used in the Linen Room, Linen Purchase, Par stock of Linen, Storage and Inspection of linen, Stock Taking Procedures, Discarded linen, Linen Movement.

Unit 3: Uniforms                                                                                                                                               LH 4

Introduction, Purpose, Par stock Determination, Selection of Uniform, Issuing Procedure Care and Storage.

Unit 4: Fibers and Fabrics                                                                                                                                  LH 6

Introduction to Fabrics, Types and Classification of Fibers, Characteristics of Fibers Fabric Used, Selection Criteria of Fabrics.

Unit 5: Planning and Organizing of Hotel Housekeeping                                                                      LH 10 Introduction, Area Inventory list, Frequency Schedules, Performance Standards, Productivity Standards, Equipment and Supply Inventory Levels, Scheduling, Duty Roster, Contract Services, Budgeting.

Unit 6: Interior Design                                                                                                                                    LH 6

Introduction: Meaning and definition of Interior Design in Hotels, Factors Affecting Interior Design in Guest Rooms, Color-Introduction, Classification And Characteristics, Basic Principle, Points to be considered while choosing color, Lights- Introduction, Types, Used of lights in different areas of hotel.

Unit 7: Curtain                                                                                                                                                 LH 4

Introduction to Curtain, Type of Curtain Fabric, Characteristics of Curtain.

Unit 8: Carpet                                                                                                                                                LH 3

Introduction to Carpet, Components of Carpet, Construction of Carpet, Types of Carpet, Problems of Carpet.

Unit 9: Laundry                                                                                                                                                 LH 4

Introduction, Basic Layout Plan, Types of Laundry Equipment, Importance of Laundry, Guest Laundry and Valet Services.

Practical                                                                                                        LH 32

  • Inspection of Room
  • Inspection of Public Areas
  • Stain Removal
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Maintenance Work Procedure (Rooms and Public Area)
  • Laundry (Washing machine process and Dry cleaning process)
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