Behavioral Assessment Tests Are The Best Employee Recruitment Tests You Must Know About

Rajiv Shah
Rajiv Shah
Behavioral Assessment Tests Are The Best Employee Recruitment Tests You Must Know About

A new era comes with new challenges. Tackling these challenges demands knowledge and a deep understanding of them. One of the biggest challenges today is unemployment. Finding a job that goes parallel with your career aims is a tough grind. And so is the recruitment process of the most eligible employee for a compatible company. The reason why efforts have been made to facilitate this process through various processes. One of these is a behavioral assessment test. In this article, we will discuss 7 pre-employment tests. Helping employees to understand these tests before they go for them. And also assists employers in their recruitment process, making it more effective and concise.

Introduction To Pre-employment Tests

These tests are a centralized method to document the details and abilities of an employee. Helping employers to judge the skills and capabilities of an employee way before an interview. Collecting sufficient data to conduct a productive interview. These tests are designed in such a way as to judge the knowledge, skills, emotional strength, and mental abilities of an employee in a written form. Helping to shorten the lengthy recruitment procedure, allowing employers to predict the performance potential of a candidate they hire.

7 Types Of Pre-employment Tests

Job knowledge tests

This test is taken to test the job-related knowledge of a candidate. A test to verify whether a person can apply his prior knowledge or experience to the vacancy of their agency or not. It is therefore advisable for a candidate to refresh their knowledge about the job before going for the test.

Integrity tests

This test is conducted to know about the degree of integrity and the ethical guidance a candidate has while dealing with a tough situation. Therefore, an insight about the favorable behavior of an employee to the company’s culture and their teamwork abilities.

Cognitive ability tests

This test is for examining the mental capacity to work in a position. Mostly done to know the job performance index of an employee. The best example of such a test is GAT(General Aptitude test)

Personality tests

The personality test is to analyze how favorable the employee will be for increasing the productivity of the company. To know about their engagement level and ability to cope up in a team on a long-term basis. For instance, The Caliper Profile test.

Emotional intelligence tests

As the name suggests, this test is best to judge the emotional intelligence of a candidate. Their bonding abilities and ability to defuse their conflicts. Indeed, testing their teamwork spirit, their adaptability, and empathy.  

Skills assessment tests

This test comes in the later stages of recruitment. Mostly taken when employers want to ensure their decision to select you. These tests include your skill assessments like tests to assess your typing speed and ability to proofread the content. 

Physical ability tests

The last test is about your physical strength, mostly done to judge stamina in a work field. This test is mostly done in jobs like firefighting and police, etc. Helping to lessen the workplace accidents and mishaps.

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