Top 9 Things to Stay Away from When Working on a College Essay

Rajiv Shah
Rajiv Shah
Top 9 Things to Stay Away from When Working on a College Essay

Meet the Things to Avoid When Writing Essays

The reality is that there are more things that you have to stay away from in a college essay than there are things to include in it. However, even if the process of writing this type of academic work is quite confusing and challenging, it is important to get yourself together and get over the project like a real winner. And what can be a better way to cope with the essays, research papers, book reviews, or any other tasks than through using some simple yet effective tips and tricks provided by professional writers? If you’re ready to focus on the process of work, then you should take a look at our list of the things to be avoided when writing an essay. 

1. Going Off Assigned Topic

When students approach online writing service with their “Please, help me write my papers ASAP!” requests, it soon turns out that the problems that they have with the papers are mainly due to a very common mistake that they make. They fail to read the application or requirements carefully, or do not read them at all. As a result, undergrads go off the topic, while the whole process of work turns into a real waste of time. In other words, you have to pay attention to whether you stay on topic as you write your paper.

2. Not Telling the Truth

When working on certain types of papers, especially if it’s an admission essay that you have to do, students like to exaggerate. You may be tempted to do the same. However, honesty is one of the main ingredients when it comes to college essays. First, you write your paper to express yourself. Second, your college reps are looking for an opportunity to know the real you – not the fake character but a real person with unique character traits. If you decide to lie, you will be sorry about that when the truth comes out to the surface (it always does!).

3. Rushing

Every single day, loads of college and university students tend to make the same mistake – they are rushing through the process of essay writing. Well, if you have procrastinated until the last moment, you have zero time to get your paper done within the set deadline. Never waste your precious time when there’s an essay assigned to you with a specified deadline! Otherwise, you will have to rush trying to get it done. Needless to say, the quality of your final piece will leave a lot to be desired. It is important to start your paper a couple of days (or weeks, if possible) before an actual deadline, giving yourself enough time to edit your work when the writing’s done.

4. Claims with 0 Evidence

One more mistake that college and university students make when it comes to writing an essay or any other academic work is the uninformed claims that they include. If you are going to make some claims or provide facts in your work, make sure to support each with strong evidence and trusted sources. This is something that every writer has to ensure s/he sticks to since claims that lack support will 100% put your tutor off, and threaten to make the desired grade lower than one expects.

5. Lack of Professional Help

At some point, a lot of students find themselves stuck with a tough research paper or essay. That’s the moment when you have to look for the professional help from someone you can trust. We live in the era of cyber services. It means you can easily find a cheap and reputed writing company ready to deal with your “Help me do my essay, please!” request. What these companies are trusted for is their ability to provide their products always before the deadline and the quality of pieces that they produce. They recruit qualified writing and editing experts who happen to be professionals in their areas and have vast experience in the custom writing industry. So don’t make a mistake by trying to handle a difficult assignment on your own when you know you can’t. When you choose to work with a professional writing service you get the best professional assistance and the desired scores, as a result.

6. Silly Mistakes

One of the most common problems with college essays is that students tend to make simple mistakes and don’t fix them. These are simple errors that you might not notice in the text while self-editing it. For instance, things like “too” and “to,” “quite” and “quit,” putting commas instead of full stops at the end of the sentence, starting sentences with the words like “and” – you have to stay away from this kind of mistakes if you want to get a high grade. On the one hand, these mistakes aren’t a big deal. On the other hand, they demonstrate how lazy you are to scan your paper to detect and fix the mistakes. In order to stay away from these silly errors, make sure to approach your fellow students or family members to ask them to check your work and highlight the mistakes that you failed to see.

7. Waiting Until the Last Minute

There are not many students out there who are excited about writing an essay for college. That is why many undergrads tend to procrastinate and wait until the last minute before they start working on this or that writing task. As a result, they have to rush to cope with the work. Make sure you get started as early as possible if you want to avoid stress while writing. After all, writing an essay is a creative process that requires effort, time, attention, and consideration.

8. Using Overly Formal Language

When it comes to college essays, they are less formal in style and tone than research or term papers. When you create an essay for college, your voice is a critical element of the piece: your task is to make the text sound like you! Not your college students, your professor, or some guy on the internet. It’s no doubt that your tutor can easily tell who the author of the essay is – you or someone else.  

9. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is about taking someone else’s written work or some fragments of it and using them in your essay. Higher educational institutions have strict policies against plagiarized content and take it as a serious offense. They use various software and websites to scan your essays to detect stolen information. Students never get away with it, and more often than not, they are suspended. The point here is that college tutors have already seen thousands of essays, which means they can easily recognize if something in your work was taken from another source.

In general, there are two types of plagiarism:

  • The first one is about copying the text from a source and pasting it directly in your essay, without giving credit.
  • The second type of plagiarism is about rewording some article or its fragments. In other words, instead of doing your own research to collect information and perform analysis, you just take someone else’s work and reword it to present those ideas as yours.

Exert every effort to include your own original ideas, research, and thesis statement supported by strong evidence from academic authorities.

Avoiding the issues given above will hone your essay writing, so you can get the desired grades and confidence in your prose. And your tutors will be happy about that, too. 

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