Modular programming is defined as a software design technique that focuses on separating the program functionality into independent, interchangeable methods/modules. Each of them contains everything needed to execute only one aspect of functionality.

Talking of modularity in terms of files and repositories, modularity can be on different levels -

  • Libraries in projects
  • Function in the files
  • Files in the libraries or repositories

Modularity is all about making blocks, and each block is made with the help of other blocks. Every block in itself is solid and testable and can be stacked together to create an entire application. Therefore, thinking about the concept of modularity is also like building the whole architecture of the application.

Advantages of Using Modular Programming

  1. Ease of Use: This approach allows simplicity, as rather than focusing on the entire thousands and millions of lines code in one go we can access it in the form of modules. This allows ease in debugging the code and prone to less error.
  2. Reusability: It allows the user to reuse the functionality with a different interface without typing the whole program again.
  3. Ease of Maintenance: It helps in less collision at the time of working on modules, helping a team to work with proper collaboration while working on a large application.

Disadvantages of Modular Programming

The following are disadvantages of modular programming -

  • There is a need for extra time and budget for a product in modular programming.
  • It is a challenging task to combine all the modules.
  • Careful documentation is required so that other program modules are not affected.
  • Some modules may partly repeat the task performed by other modules. Hence, Modular programs need more memory space and extra time for execution.
  • Integrating various modules into a single program may not be a task because different people working on the design of different modules may not have the same style.
  • It reduces the program's efficiency because testing and debugging are time-consuming, where each function contains a thousand lines of code.