Once a vision and mission have been formulated for the institution they should be incorporated into the communications plan and form a basis for key messages and promotional materials. People in the firms/institutions; believe that the top level management knows everything to drive the entire firm successfully.

So, communicating the strategic vision is a main responsibility of a firm’s management to let all people know the corporate vision. Communicating the strategic vision is essential to get job done through people in an organization by motivating and encouraging them.

A well articulated strategic vision creates enthusiasm among the organizational members. It helps to shape up committed organizational effort to turn-on long term organizational success.

According to Thompson and Strickland- Strategic vision ought to convey a large sense of purpose so that employees see themselves as building a “cathedral” rather than “laying stones”.

Clues for Communicating the Strategic Vision

  • Breaking down resistance to a new strategic vision.
  • Putting the vision statement in writing.
  • Crafting well- conceived and well- worded vision statement.