Computer technology has revolutionized the businesses and other aspects of human life all over the world. Practically, every company, large or small, is now directly or indirectly dependent on computers for data processing. Computers not only save time, but also save paper work.

Applications Of Computer

Some of the areas where computers are being used are listed as follows:

  1. Science
  2. Education
  3. Medicine and health care
  4. Engineering
  5. Architecture
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Entertainment
  8. Communication
  9. Business application
  10. Publishing
  11. Banking
  12. Military
  13. Government

1. Science: 

Scientists have been using computers to develop theories, to analyze and test the data. The fast speed and the accuracy of the computer allow different scientific analyses to be carried out.

They can be used to generate detailed studies of how earthquakes affect buildings or pollution affects weather pattern. Satellite-based applications could not have been possible without the use of computers.

It would not be possible to get the information of our solar system and the cosmos without computers.

2. Education: 

Computers have also revolutionized the whole process of education. Currently, the classrooms, libraries and museums are utilizing computers to make the education much more interesting.

Unlike recorded television shows, computer-aided education (CAE) and computer-based training (CBT) packages are making learning much more interactive.

3. Medicine and health care:

There has been an increasing use of computers in the field of medicine. Now, doctors are using computers right from diagnosing the illness to monitoring a patient’s status during complex surgery.

By using automated imaging techniques, doctors are able to look inside a person’s body and can study each organ in detail (such as CAT scans or MRI scans), which was not possible few years ago.

There are several examples of special purpose computers that can operate within the human body such as a cochlear implant, a special kind of hearing aid that makes it possible for deaf people to hear.

4. Engineering/Architecture/Manufacturing: 

The architects and engineers extensively use computers in designing and drawings. Using computers, a three-dimensional view of an object can be simulated.

By using techniques such as virtual reality, architects can explore houses that have been designed but not built.

The manufacturing factories are using computerized robotic arms in order to perform hazardous jobs. Besides, computer aided manufacturing (CAM) can be used in designing the product, ordering the parts and planning production.

5. Entertainment: 

Computers are finding greater use in entertainment industry. They are used to control the images and sounds. The special effects, which mesmerize the audience, would not have been possible without the computers.

In addition, computerized animation and colorful graphics have modernized the film industry.

6. Communication:

E-mail (or electronic mail) is one of the communication media in which computer is used. Through e-mail, messages and reports are passed from one person to one or more persons.

The advantage of e-mail service is that while transferring the messages it saves time, avoids wastage of paper and is instantly delivered to the recipient.

Moreover, the person who is receiving the messages can read the messages whenever he/she is free and can save it, reply it, forward it or delete it from the computer.

7. Business application: 

This is one of the important uses of the computer. Initially, computers were used for batch processing jobs, where one does not require the immediate response from the computer.

Currently, computers are mainly used for real-time applications (for example, at the sales counter) that require immediate response from the computer.

There are various concerns for which computers are used, such as in business forecasting, to prepare pay bills and personal records, in banking operations and data storage, in various types of life insurance business, and as an aid to management.

Businesses are also using the networking of computers, where a number of computers are connected together to share the data and the information. The use of e-mail and Internet has changed the ways of doing business.

8. Publishing: 

Computers have created a field known as ‘desktop publishing’ (‘DTP’). In DTP, with the help of computer and a laser printer one can perform the publishing job all by oneself.

Many of the tasks requiring long manual hours, such as making table of contents and index, can be automatically performed using the computers and DTP software.

9. Banking: 

In the field of banking and finance, computers are extensively used. People can use the automated teller machine (ATM) services 24 hours of the day to deposit and withdraw cash.

When different branches of a bank are connected through computer networks, inert-branch transactions can be performed by the computers without any delay.

10. Military

Computers are largely used in defence, modern tanks, missiles, weapons etc. Military also employs control system. It can be used for missile control, military communication, military operation and planning, smart weapons etc.

11. Government

Computers play an important role in Government system. Some major areas of Govt. in this category are

  • Budgets
  • Sales tax department
  • Income tax department
  • Male/Female Ratio
  • Computerization of voters list
  • Computerization of driving license system
  • Computerization of PAN card
  • Weather forecasting
  • Maintain all the government records on a single place. Etc.