In human resource planning we identified our personnel needs. Once these needs were established a job analysis was conducted, which clarified the characteristics of jobs being done and the individual qualities necessary to do these job successfully. This information was then used to recruit a pool of qualified applicants. And after the completion of recruitment process, selection of a right person for a job is started.

Selecting the right employees is important for three main reasons:

  1. The performance of selected employees affects the performance of others.
  2. There is always the involvement of high cost, in the recruitment and selection process.
  3. To secure the organization from wrong hiring viz. criminals, unqualified etc.

Selection is the process of choosing the best suitable candidates from eh pool of prospective employees for a vacant post. In other words, selection is the process of gathering information about job applicants in order to determine who should be hired and who should be rejected.

According to DeCenzo and Robbins, “Selection activities predict which job applicant will be successful if hired in an organization.”

Similarly, according to Schmitt and Schneider, “selection is the process of gathering information for the purpose of evaluating and deciding who should be hired, under legal guideline, for the short and long-term interest of the individuals and the organization.”

Thus, selection is the process of carefully scrutinizing the information supplied by the prospective employees and identifying the best possible candidates for the current or future organizational undertakings.