BBA-BI - Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance Syllabus

These are 37 subjects in BBA-BI course offered by Pokhara University

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance

BBA- BI is a four-year, 120 credit hour program of Pokhara University. It prepares you especially for the careers in banking, finance and insurance. Recognizing the breadth and depth of an academic program, it comprises of the core and elective components.

The BBA-BI curriculum provides you a sound understanding of contemporary management and develops your communication, interpersonal, leadership and IT skills required to succeed in today’s competitive global environment. It also significantly develops your analytical skills required in banking and insurance industry through various practical assignments and project works.

It gradually takes you to concentrate on the areas of banking and insurance. Designed to provide concepts and practices of modern banking and insurance, it also deals with the environmental forces that affect banking and insurance business in Nepal.

Along with the course work, the BBA-BI curriculum requires you to complete an internship program and one summer project to graduate from the program.

The objective of the BBA-BI program are:

  • To develop a sound knowledge base and proper conceptual underpinnings of business management, banking, finance, and insurance.
  • To make students well acquainted with the broader contexts of the banking and Insurance Sector in Nepal and the wider world.
  • To make students independent, critical, and creative thinkers with analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • To make students competent in written and oral communication, including the ability to use electronic media and computers for business communication.
  • To develop the ability to work in teams and individually.