GIS data capture and editing mean the identification, collection, digitization, and correction of errors for the data necessary in the building of a GIS database. This is the most expensive and critical phase in GIS setup. Building a GIS database could take up to 5-10 times the cost of hardware and software or 70-80% of the total cost.

The main sources of data for GIS are:

  1. Analog maps and plans;
  2. Digital RS images
  3. Surveying field notes
  4. Aerial photographs
  5. Tabular data g. census, rainfall, soils, etc.
  6. GPS receivers data
  7. Direct import from other GIS systems
  8. Existing digital data

When collecting data, collect only the data needed to provide for the information needs of users as determined from the user needs assessment. For cost-effectiveness, go for the minimum quality that will get the job done.