Common carrier

Private carrier

1.      To carry goods of other for money is the regular business of common carrier.

1.     Carrying goods for others is not the regular business of private carrier.

2.      Common carrier should carry goods of all the people without discrimination.

2.     A private carrier can make discrimination in carrying goods of the consignors.

3.      No discrimination of the rate of carriage.

3.     Discrimination in carriage.

4.      Carriage through customary route.

4.     Carriage through different route.

5.      Common carrier carries only goods and no passengers.

5.     Private carrier may carry either goods or passengers.

6.      A common carrier is governed by the Carriers Act, 1865 of India.

6.     A private carrier is governed by the Contact Act and not by the Carrier's Act.

7. A common carrier is always non gratuitous. It carries goods only for money. It is regular business of carrier to carry goods on hire.

7.     A private carrier may be either gratuitous or non gratuitous as the case may be.