Following are the steps followed in managing discipline:

1. Oral warning: 

It is a soft disciplinary action taken by any organization. Under this, employees are warned orally about the problem caused by him/her and its effect on organizational setting.

2. Written warning:

The second step in progressive discipline is the written warning. It is a formal stage of the discipline procedure where written document related to the problem caused by employee is provided. When oral warning does not correct the employee’s behavior written warning is give to him/her.

3. Suspension:

Suspension is a short duration layoff without pay. It prohibits the workers to work in an organization.

4. Demotion:

Demotion is a reduction of job level or job grade along with reduction in usual It is a permanent type of disciplinary action which demoralizes the problem employee. It is a constant punishment to the demoted employee and hence has broad implication. Usually, demotion is done to avoid dismissal.

5. Pay cut:

It means reducing in usual pay or the other benefits. This approach usually has a demoralizing effect on the employee, but is has been suggested as a rational action by management if only other alternative is dismissal.

6. Dismissal:

Dismissal means lay off the employees permanently. It is ultimate disciplinary punishment taken by a management. It should be used only for the most serious offenses that seriously interfere with a department or the organizational problems.