IP address are tough for human to remember and impossible to guess. Domain Name System are usually used to translate a hostname or Domain name (eg. nec.edu.np) into an IP address (eg. Domain name comprise a hierarchy so that names are unique, yet easy to remember.

DNS makes its possible to refer to the Internet protocol (IP) based system (hosts) by human friendly names (domain names). Name resolution is that act of determining the IP address of a given hostname. The benefits of DNS are two folds. First Domain Name can be logical and easily remembered. Secondly, should an IP address for   a   host   change, the domain name can still resolve transparently to   the   users   or   application. DNS   name resolution is a critical Internet service. Many network   services   require   functional name service for correct operation.

Domain names are separated by dots with the topmost element on the right. Each element may be up to 63 characters long; the entire name may be at most 255 characters long. Letters, numbers or dashes may be used in an element.