A common carrier has certain duties to be fulfilled. They are as following:


  • To carry goods without discrimination: The first duty of the common carrier is that he has to carry goods of all the people of charging a reasonable charge. Until the vehicle is fully loaded, he has to accept to keep the goods of all the people in the carrier and carry them without any discrimination.
  • To carry goods through customary route: A common carrier has its regular route to carry goods and it always carries goods through the same route. If the route is closed due to some unavoidable reasons, only then it can use some alternate route. Otherwise, no consignor can ask him to carry goods through the route other than its customary route.
  • Duty to deliver the goods in proper condition: Under the Sec. 66(1) of proper condition, of which he had received from the consigner.
  • Duty to compensate: In case goods received from the consigner are lost, destroyed or damaged or do not reach their destination in proper condition for any reason, the carrier will be held responsible and he had to compensate to the consigner or his representatives.
  • Duty to carry goods within reasonable time: Under Sec. 68(3) of NCA, the carrier must carry goods within the time mentioned in the contract and if not time is mentioned in the contract then, has to deliver the goods within reasonable time.
  • To carry goods to the said place and deliver them to said person within a specific time.
  • To take proper care of the goods carried: Common carrier has to take proper care of the goods carried by it, so that they may be safely delivered to the consignee in time. If due to carelessness or negligence of the carrier, the goods are loss or damaged or perished or evaporated or stolen in transit, the carrier himself will be held responsible to bear such loss. He has to pay compensation to the consigner for such loss or damage.
  • To follow the instruction of consignor.
  • To inform the sender about the goods to be sold in transit.