• Energy is required for economic and social development. Development of trade and industry largely depends upon the energy.
  • Despite high potential for generating energy through abundant water resource, energy crisis has continued to grow.
  • 72.60% of total energy generated in Nepal is by firewood source. 14% increased in 2013/14 alone. This possesses threat to forest of Nepal.
  • 2.59 % of total energy consumption is generated by renewable energy sources. The use of renewable energy is drastically increased by 75.3% in 2013/14.

a. Electricity:

  • Out of total capacity, Less than 2% of electricity is produced.
  • Number of customer increased 4.4%
  • Number of line distribution increased 1.7%
  • Demand of electricity increased by 9.8% in 2013/14.

b. Petroleum Products: ( petrol, diesel, kerosene, Aviation turbine fuel, LP gas, Furnace Oil)

    • 11.25 % of the total energy consumption is provided by petroleum products.
    • 6.9% increased than previous year.
    • Full depend on India.
    • Now agreement with China for petroleum products.
    • Total consumption in first eight month of 2014/15: 1,305,601 KL

Emerging Business Environment in Nepal

  1. Increased Private investment
  2. Growing Urban Population: 13.4% in 2000, reached to 18.2% in 2010 and increasing.
  3. Rising informed and educated customers
  4. Changing role of government
  5. Rising economic agendas
  6. Use of modern technologies
  7. Integration to the world economy
  8. Shifting social cultures
  9. Shift towards service industry
  10. Work force diversity