Four Levels of Great Scott Gadzooks (Roald Dahl):

1. Literal Comprehension

In the text, Great Scott Gadzooks the biggest thing that has been learned is not to let our children near the television set. Because we see them gaping at the TV screen. They watch TV as if they have been hypnotized by it. They don’t fight and play, they just let you do the work but it reality their minds is rotting, TV is turning them dull and blind; their thinking capacity is rusting and freezing. The children used to be quite contented even before TV was invented, they used to read, read a lot to their heart’s content. They spent half of their life reading books, hearing to the stories of foreign places. so, the best thing to do is to throw away the TV sets, then fill scream at the beginning but in the end, they’ll yell and scream at the beginning but in the end, they’ll get habituated since they’ll have nothing else to do. Books will be their best friend again. This is the Four Levels of Great Scott Gadzooks.

2. Interpretation

The text, Great Scott Gadzooks  post is trying to tell us the demerits of watching television. The poem might be showing us what the TV set is doing to the children, how they get hypnotized bu it that they just sit in front of it for as long as they can. This is not only making them dull and weak, but it is also ruining their thinking capacity. similarly, the poem is also highlighting the importance of reading books. Because of being engrossed in TV’s children have stopped reading books. The poem is telling us that books are the one that holds all the knowledge so this poem might be the urge towards the parents to replace the TV sets in their house with book selves.

3. Critical Thinking

This poem is depicting the reality of modern home and I also agree with the poet’s point that children are watching TV’s all the time, that they’re abandoning other things in their life. But the thing that doesn’t quite fit in with me is:

  • Does TV makes the child’s mind dull? I’ve never found such a child in spite of that I’ve seen children who have become quite creative by watching the various programs.
  • The poet is so much busy highlighting ignore its advantages, that are quite many as well. Does not TV help children to imagine much clearly?
  • How does watching Television kill children’s imagination?

4. Assimilation

When TV was brought to my home and I become so obsessed with it that I started to watch it all the time. Because of this, I have pain in my eyes because of continuously watching TV and couldn’t even hear people calling me as I was so focused on it. so I had to go to a hospital for eye exercise every week. Thank god my eyes were cured and I stopped being obsessed with TV and watched it very less.