Four levels of Piano

1.Literal Comprehension

When the dusk is befalling upon them, there is a woman who is singing beautifully for the poet. Her song is taking high down the lane of the timeline where he sees a small child sitting below the piano trying to play with his mother’s graceful feet whereas his mother is playing a beautiful song smiling down at him.

The beautiful song that the woman is singing for him, betrays him to that extent that his heart wants to belong to that scene. To go back when there is a writer outside listening to his mother.

The beautiful song being sung in front of him has gone to vain because he’s not listening to that song, the great piano and the one signing or he does not seem to matter at all at the moment. His memories of childhood at the moment that he started to weep on its remembrance, like a small child; the same small child he wishes to go back to being. This is the literal comprehension of Four levels of Piano.


The poem ‘Piano’ has a theme of nostalgia. The remembrance of the childhood days, triggered due to a similar kind of situation as his childhood is how the poet is expressing the feeling of nostalgia.

The poet might also be trying to highlight the power music holds. As she has clearly shown that, it held such a hold on a grown man to make him weep like a kid.

Similarly, this poem is also showing up to how much extent a person can get affected by his past and his mother’s love. Mother’s love is shown to be so much pure and worthy that even though it was all in the past, it seems to weight more than the poet’s present endeavors.

3.Critical Thinking

The poem is very interesting to read but there are some parts in the poem which I don’t agree with the poet.

  • How can a man weep like a child just because of listening to someone sing? that too, in-front of a young woman.
  • Can someone be distracted so much by something for him?
  • Who is the woman that is singing for him?
  •  Can someone be so much influenced by the past even after these many years?
  • Are all the childhood memory pleasant?

4. Assimilation

This poem made me quite nostalgic too. I remembered sitting on the lap of my grandfather while I was a child and eating raisins that I used to call  “cashew’s little brother”.

My grandfather used to bring that for me everyday so I’d wait for him to come from the office after I came back from school. Even at the present time, I still call raisins, cashew’s little brother and it reminds me of him every single time I see it.