Four Levels of Teaching in the Television Culture (Girgus and Tichi)

Here Teaching in Television Culture is the process in which the people have used the modern method of teaching the student in a television Which is quite informative and easier to perceive.

Literal Comprehension

In this essay “Teaching in the Television Culture” shows the conflict between writer Judith scot-smith Girgus and Cecelia Tichi & critics Marrie Winn’s & Neil Postman’s, etc. They critics emphasized towards only print culture as well as TV makes people dull. The writer has described a balanced view between print culture & TV culture as well as while watching TV we also do some works such as eating, writing, assignment, project work, swiping & other various activities. In this text there is a Lennie, TV kid who always watched TV, when his mother ordered him to read books he neglect order & go in front of a TV. When he had the bite from rattlesnake he has slept in the hospital. In the hospital, he also used to watch TV. But, suddenly he realized that watching TV is making human dull, poor, un-imaginary. After his treatment, he emphasized print culture or books.


Maybe this story is trying to show the good aspects of TV in modern human life. In modern days it used everywhere and it is not harmful to us rather than we learn many things from it. From TV we can know the new invention in the world, breaking news, play video games, doing homework while watching TV, seeing different types of educational programs. Thus the writer emphasizes TV is not harmful to us.

Critical Thinking

This essay is interesting to read however I am not satisfied with some statements of this text.

  • Is it possible to give concentrate on other activities while watching TV?
  • Is it possible for the child to be mature while watching TV?
  • Are not there an important program for the child?
  • How is it possible for the death of imaginative power by watching TV?
    Hence, I do not fully support it.


Before reading this Teaching in the Television Culture story I am not using the TV for the study. And my TV seeing habit is poor such as seeing only videos without doing the study. But after reading this text I came to know that through TV we are also able to get new knowledge. So, I have decided to see more educational programs.