Four Levels of Why go to University? (Moti Nissani):

1. Literal Comprehension:

This suggestive essay “Why go to university ?” has been written by versatile American writer, Moti Nissani. Though there are few disadvantages to it. There is a good chance to get a job to the educated one. University education becomes the backbone of Job promotion and qualification, Secondly, we can solve various personal, social as well as national problems if we can be achieved by others by rubbery, the social evils and superstitions easily. Educated people have good prestige and respect in the society since they are the pillars of national development. The mental horizon is widened so that thinking attitude and character have also become hospitable and cultured one social horizon is enlarged with the help of university education. Again Internal Satisfaction and self-understanding are possible for this education getting good for mental exercises too. The world and its multiple aspects ecology human life and environment political, cultural changes are possible to understand with the help of University education. Likewise, there are able to acquire such advantages.

2. Interpretation:

Some of us are talking about university education without knowing its true purpose but for formality. Some of the people have not taken this education being unknown about the multiple advantages of acquiring it. Real education for our life and career, is possible from university education. Our interest must be positive and we must earn the desire to get this education for our bright future. The essay might be trying to tell us that civilized and cultured life can be attained with University education. We, educated and uneducated people must change our attitude towards University education. Because only truly aware and educated people can understand what life really is.

3. Critical Thinking:

We can raise some disagreeable points against the writer:

  • Do you really get the chance or opportunities for jobs?
  • Do educated people really respect money?
  • Can all levels of people gain University education?
  • Can we find the ideals of education in Nepali University?
  • Has not the politics spoiled the actual ethics of education?
  • Can one apply knowledge to give life? But other positive are aspects are acceptable ideas.

4. Assimilation:

After reading this essay I widened my mental horizon as side by the system or true democratic system in Nepal. Most of our leaders are not getting education So democracy has not been developed. Again, I know that besides getting a job there are many more advantages in getting education. The true political system can be established with the help of education and  proper utilization of it. I got a new insight  why we should get university education after reading this essay to upgrade my levels.