Find the Number of Bits required to Store image Size with Gray Levels

Suppose that a continuous image is approximated by equally spaced samples arranged in the form of an array as:


Each element of the array refered to as “pixel” is a discrete quantity. The array represents a digital image.

The above digitization requires a decision to be made on a value for N a well as on the number of discrete gray levels allowed for each pixel.

It is common practice in digital image processing to let N=2n and G = number of gray levels = . It is assumed that discrete levels are equally spaced between 0 to L in the gray scale.

Therefore the number of bits required to store a digitized image of size N x N is b = N x N x m .

find the number of bits required to store a 2048×2048 image with 256 gray levels

128 x 128 image with 256 gray levels (ie 8 bits/pixel) required a storage of ~ 17000 bytes.


128 x 128 x 8 = 131072 bits = 131072 x 0.125 = 16384 ≈ 17000 bytes

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