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Attribute name Sample value Sample value Sample value clientNumber 356 356 356 clientName Jack Barley Inoke Tabuiwalu Inoke Tabuiwalu clientRegion Suva Ba Ba contractDate 18 April 2023 19 April 2023 20 April 2023 contractNumber 8841 8842 8843 contractAmount $2,985,000.00 $794,456.00 $987,325,00.00 consultClass1 Database Administration Internet Services Database Design consultClass2 Web Applications Database Administration consultClass3 Network Installation consultClass4 consultNum1 19 22 31 consultName1 Maciu Bale Jim white Kristina Kumar consultRegion1 Suva Ba Ba consultNum2 56 38 consultName2 John Mike Timoci Nakarawa consultRegion1 Suva Ba consultNum3 22 45 consultName3 Kevin Chand Anthony Shaw consultRegion3 Suva Ba consultNum4 18 consultName4 Tom Duke consultRegion4 Nadi The table was created to enable the manage to match clients with consultants.

The objective is to match a client with a given region with a contesting in that region and to make sure the clients need for specific consulting services is properly matched to the consults expertise.

For example, if the client needs help with database design and s (he) is located in the Southeast, the objective is to make a match with a consultant who is located in the Southeast and whose expertise is in database design. (Although the consulting company manager tries to match consultant and client locations to minimize travel expense, it is not always possible to do so.) The following basic business rules are maintained:

  1. Each client is located in one region
  2. A region can contain many clients
  3. Each consultant can work on many contracts
  4. Each contract may require the services of many consultants
  5. A client can sign more than one contract, but each contract is signed by one client
  6. Each contract may cover multiple consulting classifications. (For example, a contract may list consulting services in database design and networking)
  7. Each consultant is located in one region.
  8. A region can contain many consultants
  9. Each consultant has one or more areas of expertise (class). For example, the consultant may be classified as an expert in both database design and networking.
  10. Each area of expertise (class) can have many consultants in it.

For example, the consulting company may employ many consultants who are networking expertise. Given the brief description of the requirements and the business rules, write the relational schema and draw the dependency diagram for the preceding table structure.

Label all transitive and / or partial dependencies. Produce dependency diagrams for 2NF and 3NF and write the relational schema. (Hint: you may have to create a few new attributes. Also make sure that the new dependency diagrams contain attributes that meet proper design criteria; that is, make sure that there are no multivalued attributes, that the naming conventions are met, and so on.)

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