Literal Comprehension

Once upon time, a man went in to the jungle and started penance to win supreme knowledge and godhood. He conquered his flesh and mind and achieve a state of unending meditative delight. Indra, the king of gods was afraid that the sage might seized his throne through penance.

Then he sent a beautiful nymph to destroyed the sage’s penance. The attractor posture of he nymph in the river made the sage open his eyes involuntarily. Then both of them married and led a domestic life.

They help the needy people in the village. But the villagers were suspicious of him and they always blamed the woman for his downfall, but the sage had the same inner peace even when he was leading the domestic life.


 This story might be trying to tell us that after you get supreme knowledge, it is not necessary for you to live in the jungle, and that you will enjoy the same happiness everywhere. It may also be interpreted to mean that to an enlightened person the joy derive from any source is similar.

Critical Thinking

For modern people this story is unacceptable from many point of view. Are god there in the heaven? Are god so envious (jealous) of human beings? Are god so helpless that they really need the help of ordinary human beings?


This story reminded me the story of Vishwamitra and Menaka a nymph, had destroyed the penance of the sage Vishwamitra and they had become the parents of Sakuntala. It also convince me how powerful sexual passion is. It never dies. I have understood my own passion batter and tried to use it correctly.