Literal Comprehension

The poet imagines the perfect heaven. There people feel no fear and they are equally respected and they can walk raising their heads. There people can get knowledge freely without any disturbances. The world there is no divided in to smaller countries by any kind on narrow border line.

People there will speak the truth and work untiringly until they get perfection. There superstition and tradition do not block the region and people always come to the logical conclusion. In such a world of freedom the poet wants god to wake up all his countrymen.


This poem might be trying to tell us the value of reason, knowledge, freedom, universality and honesty. The poet may be trying to create some kind of utopia, that is , an ideal and perfect place where everyone lives in harmony and everything is for the best.

Critical Thinking

This is a prose poem. It is read like a conversation. The poet is talking to the almighty father. It may sound idealistic but it is the poet who can imagine a batter world. This king of should our target. We should try to reach it as closely as possible.


This poem has thought be to live a fearless life. It has also inspired me to live a batter life. It has made me forget my present unhappy condition and imagine a utopian world.