Finance function is one of the major parts of business organization, which involves the permanent, and continuous process of the business concern. Finance is one of the interrelated functions which deal with personal function, marketing function, production function and research and development activities of the business concern.

At present, every business concern concentrates more on the field of finance because, it is a very emerging part which
reflects the entire operational and profit ability position of the concern. Deciding the proper financial function is the essential and ultimate goal of the business organization.

Finance manager is one of the important role players in the field of finance function. He must have entire knowledge in the area of accounting, finance, economics and management. His position is highly critical and analytical to solve various problems related to finance.

A person who deals finance related activities may be called finance manager.

Finance manager performs the following major functions:

1. Forecasting Financial Requirements

It is the primary function of the Finance Manager. He is responsible to estimate the financial requirement of the business concern.

He should estimate, how much finances required to acquire fixed assets and forecast the amount needed to meet the working capital requirements in future.

2. Acquiring Necessary Capital

After deciding the financial requirement, the finance manager should concentrate how the finance is mobilized and where it will be available. It is also highly critical in nature.

3. Investment Decision

The finance manager must carefully select best investment alternatives and consider the reasonable and stable return from the investment.

He must be well versed in the field of capital budgeting techniques to determine the effective utilization of investment. The finance manager must concentrate to principles of safety, liquidity and profitability while investing capital.

4. Cash Management

Present days cash management plays a major role in the area of finance because proper cash management is not only essential for effective utilization of cash but it also helps to meet the short-term liquidity position of the concern.

5. Interrelation with Other Departments

Finance manager deals with various functional departments such as marketing, production, personel, system, research, development, etc. Finance manager should have sound knowledge not only in finance related area but also well versed in other areas. He must maintain a good relationship with all the functional
departments of the business organization.