The methods used for assessment of personality are classified as 3 categories”:-

  • Subjective method
  • Projective method
  • Objective method

We can classify this technique in the following five categories:-

  1. First, there are techniques where we can see how an individual behave in actual life situation (observation).
  2. Second, there are techniques where we can see how an individual says about himself/herself (questionnaire and interview).
  3. Third, there are techniques where we can find what other say about the individual, whose personality is under assessment (case study).
  4. Forth ,there are techniques where we can find how an individual react to an imaginative situation (projective techniques
  5. Fifth , there are techniques where we can find directly determined some valuable in terms of physiological responses (physical characteristic).

Some Important Techniques


( It is a popular method to study the behavior pattern of an individual in actual life situation)

Situational tests:

( Here the situation is artificially created in which an individual is expected to perform acts related to the personality traits under testing)


( Questionnaire refers to a device for securing answers to questions by using a form which the respondent fills in himself)

Personality Inventory:

( It is specially designed to seek answers about the person and his personality)

Rating Scale:

( It is used to know from others where an individual stands in terms of some personality traits)


( It is a technique of getting information, directly force contact from the subject about his personality in face to contact)

Projective Techniques:

(Projective techniques are devised to accept the challenge. They try to assess the total personality of an individual and not in fragments.)

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