Following are the guideline that should be followed in administering discipline:

      1.Discipline should be corrective: 

Discipline is a condition which enforces the employees to show his/her behavior as per the organizational requirement. So while determining the disciplinary action, regarding the activities, it must be helpful in correcting the behavior of individual rather than punishing them.

      2. Discipline should be progressive: 

Disciplinary action should be progressive in nature. It means hard action should not be taken at once when any disciplinary problems occur in an Typically, progressive disciplinary action begins with an oral warning and proceeds through written warning, suspension and only in the most serious cases, dismissal.

      3. Discipline should follow the “HOT STOVE” rule (Doglus McGregor): 

Usually, disciplinary actions generate resentment (anger) on employees. So hot stove rule should be followed while administering discipline. They are:

  1. The person breaching the discipline should be affected immediately.
  2. The warning related to disciplinary actions should be clearly stated.
  3. The action must be fair and is consistent for same type of disciplinary offences.
  4. The disciplinary action must be impersonal. It must be focus on problem not a person and whoever the person action should be same.