The MSP430F2274 is a 16-bit microcontroller from the 2xx family of the ultra-low-power MSP430™ family of devices from Texas Instruments.[2] The supply voltage for this microcontroller ranges from 1.8 V to 3.6 V. The MCU is capable of operating at frequencies up to 16 MHz. It also has an internal very-low-power low-frequency oscillator (VLO) that operates at 12 kHz at room temperature. It has two 16-bit timers (Timer_A and Timer_B), each with three capture/compare registers. An integrated 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC10) supports conversion rates of up to 200 ksps. The current consumption of 0.7 mA during standby mode (LPM3) and 250 mA during active mode makes it an excellent choice for battery-powered applications.

TMS37157 PaLFI

The TMS37157 PaLFI is a dual interface passive RFID product from Texas Instruments. The device can communicate via the RF and the SPI (wired) interfaces. It offers 121 bytes of programmable EEPROM memory. The complete memory can be altered through the wireless interface if the communication/read distances between the reader antenna and the PaLFI antenna are less than 10 cm to 30 cm (depending on the antenna geometry and reader power). For wireless memory access, a battery supply is not required. A microcontroller with an SPI interface has access to the entire memory through the 3-wire SPI interface of the TMS37157. In addition, the TMS37157 can pass through received data from the wireless interface to the microcontroller and send data from the microcontroller back over the wireless interface. If the TMS37157 is connected to a battery, it offers a battery charge function and a battery check function without waking the microcontroller. If connected to a battery, the TMS37157 has an ultralow power consumption of about 60 nA in standby mode and about 70 μA in active mode. The PaLFI can completely switch off the microcontroller, resulting in ultralow power consumption of the complete system.

SHT21 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The extremely small SHT21 digital humidity and temperature sensor integrate sensors, calibration memory, and digital interface on a 3x3 mm footprint. This results in cost savings because no additional components are needed and no investments in calibration equipment or process are necessary. One-chip integration allows for the lowest power consumption, thus enabling energy harvesting and passive RFID solutions. The complete over-molding of the sensor chip, except for the humidity sensor area, protects the reflow solderable sensor against external impact and leads to excellent long-term stability.

About Sensirion

The Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion AG is a leading international supplier of CMOS-based sensor components and systems. Its range of high-quality products includes humidity and temperature sensors, mass flow meters and controllers, gas and liquid flow sensors, and differential pressure sensors. Sensirion supports its international OEM customers with tailor-made sensor system solutions for a wide variety of applications. Among others, they include analytical instruments, consumer goods, and applications in the medical technology, automotive, and HVAC sectors. Sensirion products are distinguished by their use of patented CMOSens® technology. This enables customers to benefit from intelligent system integration,