Here we learn How to Convert Analog Image into Digital Image step by step process. Practically, every scene which is around us forms an image and this involved under image processing.

An image is formed by two-dimensional analog and the digital signal that contains color information arranged along x and y spatial axis.

How to Convert Analog Image into Digital Image

An image on film can be understood by a two dimensional light intensity function f(x,y) where

  1. x and y are spatial coordinates
  2. the value of f at any point (x,y) is proportional to brightness or

Gray value of the image at that point. It cannot be stored as such on digital computer.

Digital Images:

  • A digitized image is one in which spatial and gray scale values have been made discrete.
  • Intensities measured across the regularly spaced grid in x and y directions which are sampled to 8 bits per point for black and white, 3x8 bits per pixel for color images.
  • They are stored as a two-dimensional array of gray scale values. The array elements are called pixels and identified as x,y coordinates.
  • Matrices are perfect tools for mapping, representation of analog images into digital images.

For example an image that is 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels high can be represented as 600x800 matrix. Each element of the matrix, pixel is used to represent intensity.

Given a 17 computer screen with a resolution of a higher quality image.

a. 600x 800

b. 1024x 76800000110111101111011 digitize.

The range of colors or shades of grey that can be represented in an image depending on the amount of space allotted.

The process of analog to digital signal conversion is completed by encoding the quantize values into the binary spectrum.

Conversion of the analog signal to a digital signal by digital image processing

Digital signal processing is all about processing analog signal or real-world signals which humans interact, for example, speech.

DSP system converts digital signal to analog signal or vice-versa by the use of converters. The digital image processing is a special type of processor which is used in every electronic device whether it be CD, mobile phones, battlefields, satellites, medical, and voice detection machines etc.