Human Resource Planning in Nepalese Organization

1. Traditional Approach of HRP:

There is use of traditional approach of HRP in most of Nepalese HR strategy is not linked with business strategy. HR is only considers as an input not as an assets of the organizational system. However, some joint venture banks, MNC’s are using the strategic approach of HRP.

2. Lack of assessment of HR:

Most of the Nepalese organizations do not analyze and assess their current HR. There is lack of effective HRIS. Similarly, effective job analysis is lacking, which leads to inappropriate match between job description and job

3. Poor demand and Supply forecast:

Nepalese organizations do not exercise demand and supply forecasting procedure, because they are short term focused and even don’t have reliable revenue Similarly, promotion and transfer are rarely planned.

4. Over staffing in government and public organization:

Due to heavily political interference and appointment, government and public organization are suffering from

5. Poor HRP in private organization:

Most of the private organizations are unaware of HRP. They appoint employees under the recommendation of dear and near, which leads to nepotism and favoritism.