Although search engine advertising is not considered to be SEO, SEA can possibly have an impact on the ranking of a website. Therefore, this makes SEA sort of an indirect SEO measure. If an online shop raises its advertising impact through SEA and thereby improves its scope and visibility, direct type-ins of the shop’s name as a brand are for example deemed to follow.

Thus, the brand is strengthened and, among other things, the domain trust of a website is as well. Ever since the Vince Update, the brand plays a greater role in the SERP. For example, a website can increase its awareness with the help of SEA and, if a campaign is successful, can thus generate more traffic via the organic search, because the brand is known to many users and they decide in the SERPs for the more well-known URL, although it may even rank worse.

Through SEA, Google, or any other search engine, new information on the visits to a website is received. Since the click rate and bounce rate are also considered in the evaluation of a website, successful SEA measures also lead to an improvement of the quality of a website. Another direct consequence of SEA measures is that a website or web shop can become more famous and thereby result in “offline” access through word of mouth.