Importance Of Sensation

  • A sensation is produced by the automatic reaction of a sense organ to a stimulus from the outside world. Sensation, receiving physical stimulation encoding the input into the cognitive system.
  • Sensations shape the way humans see the world. The ability to take in information from reality and process it in meaningful ways allows people to form a worldview that helps them to understand life and make wise decision.
  • To the importance of sensation in human communication process, communication process is an information dissemination process from a sender to a receiver through a particular media designed floor that.

Attributes Of Sensation

  • Quality: Different sensations have different qualities. Sensations differ in quality.
  • Intensity: The strength of sensation is the second characteristics. It differs from one sensation to another.
  • Duration: The appearance moment of a stimulus signifies its duration. It may be for a longer or a shorter time.
  • Extensity: Extensity is the area that the sensation covers. The volume and increasing effect make sensation big.

Habituation and Adaptation

Habituation is a physical learning process where in, there is a decrease in response to be a stimulus after being repeatedly exposed to it. It occurs when we learn not to respond to a stimulus that is presented repeatedly without change.

  • Change back to back stimulus or excitement level same decrease.
  • Habituation decrease of stimulus/excitement when one thing is repeated back to back.

Adaptation is a term referring to the ability to adjusted to new information and experience learning is essentially adopting to our changing environment through adaptation, we are able to adopt new behavior that allow us to cop (adjust) we change.

  • An adjustment in sensory capacity after prolonged exposure to unchanging stimuli.

According to psychologists Jane Piaget adaptation is one of the important processed guiding cognitive developments. The adaptation processes itself can occurs in two ways.

Through assimilation and accommodation

            A psychological adaptation is a functional component of the cognitive system that solves a particular reproductive problem.