Today business is being more and more complicated day by day due to increasing number of transactions. The parties have no time to go to the court to settle of the differences arising in the field of business. It is a popular way among the alternative settlement of dispute.


  • Prompt decision: The decision given under arbitration is prompt because the law relating to arbitration has also specified time limit to provide decision. In the context of Nepal, arbitrator has to decide the case within 120 days after the submission of document.


  • Privacy and close hearing: The dispute which is referred to arbitration follows the secret research method and close hearing, which do not make the dispute public and is far from unnecessary rumor.


  • Expertise service: The arbitration may be from the same field as that of a dispute, the expert who has specialized and is experienced in the subject matter is appointed by the concerned parties.


  • Less expensive: Simple procedure and prompt settlement of the dispute makes the case less costly.


  • Convenient for international business disputes:


The law of land is limited within the national territory, but the law of arbitration has emanated from the international trade law and business, and disputes can be settled by international institution which is convenient to the business persons and firms of different nations and societies.