Transport plays a vital role in the economic development of country. It facilitates the movement of goods and labor. Modern commerce based entirely on a system of exchange. The role of the transport is very important in the development of commerce. Hence the importance of the study of law relating to contract of carriage of goods is great.

The carriage of goods may take place either by land or by sea or by air.

The vast system of collection of raw materials and distribution of goods wouldn't possible without carriers. Carrier business is the most important activity of today business which can lead the whole business to stability and development.

The following points can be noted regarding the importance of a carrier.

  • To regulate and control transportation business.
  • To settle disputes legally that arise in carrier business
  • To facilitate, regulate and regularize the relation between the owners and carriers.
  • To make carrier accountable for the carriage of goods.
  • To make liable to the carrier for loss or damaged caused to the goods during carriage.
  • To limit the liability of carrier in ordinary contact of carriage.
  • To impart the knowledge of legality of business of carriage.
  • To save the agent and porters from the liability as a carrier.
  • To provide remedy in the breach of contact of carriage.
  • To provide healthy environment for the carrier to perform their business.