1. Dual Stack
  2. Tunneling Technique
  3. Translation technique

Dual Stack

Dual stack is an integration method where a node has implementation and connectivity to both Ipv4 and ipv6 networks. If both ipv4 and ipv6 are configured on an interface, this interface is dual-stacked.


Tunneling Technique

With manually configured IPv6 tunnels, an IPv6 address is configured on a tunnel interface, and manually configured IPv4 addresses are assigned to the tunnel source and the tunnel destination. The host or router at each end of a configured tunnel must support both the IPv4 and IPv6 protocol stacks.


NAT-Protocol Translation (NAT-PT)

It is a translation mechanism that sits between an IPv6 network and an Ipv4 network. The translator translates IPv6 packets into IPv4 packets and vice versa.