The meeting of company means a meeting of its shareholders. Such a meeting selects some representatives to constitute a board of directors. The Board can get legitimacy to run the company from the meeting of the shareholders. Role of the company meeting is most important in day to day affairs and management of the company. Meeting of a company is that, where the persons relating to company gather together and pass decision by discussing the matters in respect of agenda, future plan and strategy of the company.

The company Act, 2063 provides only two types of general meetings. These are as follows:


  • Annual general meeting:

According to the company Act, 2063 section 76 – Annual general meeting of company is held within one year from the date of receiving certificate of commencement of business and it shall convene the annual general meeting every year within six months from the date of expiry of financial year of the company.

The agenda of the annual general meeting is submission of board’s report, the boards of director's election, remuneration, submission of balance sheet, distribution of profit, appointment of an auditor, remuneration of an auditor, policy making, and rule making matters are discussed and passed the resolution of this meeting. Agenda of special general meeting


  • Extra- ordinary general meeting:

All general meetings other than the annual general meetings are called special general meeting. Such meeting may be called by the company at any time. Basically, It is called in a special situation when an urgent decision has to be taken.

Extra-ordinary general meeting may be called by the following personalities:-


  • By the Board of Directors: In case of a necessity, the board can call a special general meeting.


  • By the auditor: In case of any defects in the account of a company, the auditor has to ask the board of directors. If the board does not call the meeting, the Registrar’s office can call the special general meeting on the request of the auditor.


  • By the shareholders: 10% of paid up capital shareholders or 25% of the total number of shareholders can call a special general meeting by disclosing the special cause.


According to Company Act, 2068 the following matters shall be presented in the form of special resolution of general meeting or the agenda of special general meeting of the company.


  • Matters relating to the increase of authorized capital


  • Matters relating to the reduction of shake capital or alteration of share capital


  • Matters relating to the change of name or main objective of the company


  • Matter relating to merger of one company with another company


  • Matters relating to issue of share at discount


  • Matters relating to issue of bonus share


  • Matters relating to conversion of a private company into a public company and public company into a private company


  • Any other matters requiring special resolution under this Act or article of