Long haul system can transmit optical signal over a great distance with or without using repeaters. The effect of fiber dispersion is reduced by using fiber dispersion management.

Performance Limiting Parameters

Performance limiting factors in a fiber-optic link are – Non-linear effects of optical fibers.

Self Phase Modulation (SPM). Modulation instability.

Polarization Mode dispersion (PMD).

Recommended Questions

  1. Derive the thermal noise characteristic
  2. What is the role of preamplifier in optical receiver? Explain in brief different types of preamplifier
  3. Comment on overall performance of
    1. High-impedance
    2. Low-impedance
  • Transimpedance
  1. Explain the benefits of transimpedance
  2. Explain the following
    • Carrier to noise tatio
    • Relative intensity noise
    • Intermodulation distortion
    • Intermodulation products
    • Composite second order
    • Composite triple beat
    • Beat stacking viii)
  1. Explain with block diagram elements of analog link. List the signal impairements in analog
  2. Explain the generation of RIN. Give its expression
  1. Elaborate the important limiting conditions of optical power Given their C/N ratios and show the limitations with suitable sketch.
  2. With a neat block diagram explain multichannel amplitude
  3. Explain sub-carrier multiplexing technique in
  4. In an optical fiber communication link, list the different components and their characteristics to the considered for selecting
  5. Briefly explain the importance at link power How the loss is calculated, explain with optical power loss model?
  6. Explain the rise-time budget analysis with its basic elements that contributes to system rise
  7. What is the significance of system consideration in point - to – point fiber
  8. When distributed networks are preferred?.
  9. Explain commonly used technologies in distributed
  10. Explain LAN used in fiber optic communication
  11. Discuss commonly used topologies used in fiber optic LAN.