ESRI, Inc., Redlands, CA

  • clear market leader with about a third of the market
  • originated commercial GIS with their ArcInfo product in 1981
  • privately owned by Jack Dangermond, a legend in the field
  • Strong in , education, utilities and business logistics

MapInfo, Troy N.Y.

  • Aggressive newcomer in early 1990s, but now well-established.
  • Strong presence in business, especially site selection & marketing, and telecom

Intergraph (Huntsville, AL)

  • origins in proprietary CAD hardware/software
  • Older UNIX-based MGE (Modular GIS Environment) evolved from CAD
  • Current GeoMedia was the first true MS Windows-based GIS
  • strong in design, public works, and FM (facilities management), but weakening

Bentley Systems (Exton, PA)

  • MicroStation GeoGraphics, originally developed with Intergraph, is now their exclusive and main product..
  • Strong in engineering; advertises itself as “geoengineering”

Autodesk (San Rafael, CA)

  • Began as PC-based CAD, but now the dominant CAD supplier
  • First GIS product AutoCAD Map introduced in 1996
  • Primarily small business/small city customer base

QGIS Software is the latest open-source software that can be freely downloaded and used