The application of the management system and process to obtain the desired results is an essential part of organizational strategy implementation. Particularly, management system for strategy implementation includes designing the organization's structure, allocating resources, developing information and decision process, and managing human resources, including such areas as the reward system, approaches to leadership, and staffing.

Management system for strategy implementation includes the necessary tasks to that shape manager's action for implementing strategies. Following are the managerial task for strategy implementation;
⦁    Building organizational capability- The organization must have the structure and capability necessary to turn the strategy into reality. Building organizational capability in various dimension like finance, physical resource, human resource, information and communication technology etc. is essential to put the organizational strategy in action
⦁    Strategy-supportive budget- Establishing strategy supportive budget is essential to accomplish strategic objectives by managing the people, equipment, facilities, and other resources. Once the strategy has been decided on, the key tasks to perform and kinds of decision required must be identified, formal plans must also be developed. The tasks should be arranged in a sequence comprising a plan of action within targets to be achieved at specific dates.
⦁    Internal administrative support systems- Internal administrative system consists of policies and procedures to regulate and manage organizational activities. Installing the internal administrative system enables a manager to establish desired types of behavior, information systems to provide strategy-critical information on a timely basis, and whatever inventory, materials management, customer service, cost accounting, and other administrative systems are needed to give the organization important strategy-executing capability. 
⦁    Strategy or objective linked reward- People in the organization are the actors to put the strategy into action successfully. So, devising rewards and incentives to the people and departments of the firm must be linked to strategy, objective and performance. 
⦁    Strategy fit corporate culture -Shaping the strategy fit corporate culture is essential in the organization to work hard and intelligently toward the accomplishment of the strategy.
⦁    Exercising strategic leadership- Strategic leadership consists of obtaining commitment to the strategy and its accomplishment. It also involves the constructive use of power and politics, and politics in building a consensus to support the strategy.