Human Resources Management Syllabus - MBA (PU)

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Course Description

Course Objective

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to manage human resources effectivelyin organizations to enhance the contributions of all employees to organizational effectiveness. This course identifies and defines the key concepts of Human Resources Managementand examines how they are used in practices. Thecourse briefly covers all the spectrum of the human resources management.

Course description

The course deals with the concept of Human Resources Management, from historical perspective to the latest concept with its development from Administration, Personnel to HR Management era. The course will cover the major spectrum of HR Management such as; Sourcing/Acquiring, Developing, Compensating, and the latest trend and development of HR practices.

Understanding of these concepts is supposed to develop deeper understandings on human resources and its impact in organizational setting. The understanding helps to enhance organizational efficiency, effectiveness and create an environment of openness and trust so that people feel better environment at their workplace.

Learning outcomes

After completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Human Resources and its Management
  • Develop an understanding about the human resources environmental the trends of HR Management
  • Learn the fundamentals of HR planning, sourcing of talents and their placements.
  • Understand the concept of performance management and career development of employees.
  • Understand the basic concept and principle of developing various compensation strategies to attract and retain talents.
  • Develop an understanding about the employee relations specifically about trade unions, Collective bargaining, employee welfare, occupational safety and Health.

Unit Contents

Course outlines





Methods of Instructions



1.      Introduction to Human Resources Management

a.      Introduction

b.      Functions of HR Management

c.      Human Resources as competitive advantages

d.      Strategic role of HR Department.



Class room lectures, discussion, articles



4 ½ hours

2.      Human Resources Environment

a.      Trends in HR Management

b.      Providing Equal Employment Opportunity and a Safe Workplace

c.      Analyzing Work and Designing Jobs


Case Presentation;





 4 ½ hours

3.      Sourcing and Preparing Human Resource

a.      HR Planning and Recruitment of Human Resources

b.      Selecting Employees and Placing Them in Jobs

c.      Socialization / On-boarding of Employees.



Group presentation,

Articles / Case analysis,



6 hours

4.      Performance Management & Employee Development

a.      Managing Employees’ Performance

b.      Developing Employees for Future Success




Group presentation,

Articles / Case analysis,



6 hours

5.      Compensating Human Resources

a.      Establishing a Pay Structure

b.       Recognizing and Rewarding Employee’s Contributions

c.      Providing Employee Benefits



Lectures, Project assignment, Article



6 hours

6.      Employee Relations Management

a.      Labor Relations, Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining

b.      Employee Welfare and Occupational Safety and Health.

c.      Legal frameworks regarding employee relations in Nepalese context.



Lectures, Project assignment, Article,

Guest Lectures




4 ½ hours

7.      Project Presentation

a.      Presentation of Project / Field work assignment


Presentation by students in groups


3 hours


Indicative assessment

Assessment includes projects, article reviews, class presentation, class room reading and discussions.


There will be two examinations. Midterm exam will be of one and half hour. The final exam will be of three hours. The exams will cover course materials and will focus on applying skills learnt.


The evaluation scheme will be as follows:

            Assignments                                       30%

            Attendance                                          10%

Review of articles and case analysis 20%

Final exams                                        40%


Work load

4.5 hours work per week (12 weeks in total) plus private study and library work.


Class participation

Each student is expected to attend every class and participate in all activities of the class. This requires your involvement in preparation for the class for participation. You are expected to work in a team helping each other to learn and develop knowledge and skills through mutual learning. You are encouraged to provide continuous feed back to the course instructor for improving the ways to effective learning.

Text and Reference Books

Major Texts

  1. Fundamentals of Human Resources Management , 4th edition, Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright, McGrawill -Irwin Publisher
  2. Human Resources Management by Gary Dessler
  3. Human Resources Management by  David A Decenzo& Stephen Robins
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  • Short Name N/A
  • Course code MGT 543
  • Semester Third Trimester
  • Full Marks 100
  • Pass Marks 60
  • Credit 2 hrs
  • Elective/Compulsary Compulsary