Seminar in HRM Syllabus - MBA (PU)

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Course Description

This course is focused on a selected combination of published empirical research and current topics in HRM. Articles for evaluation, comparison and analysis will be drawn from journals in several fields, including behavioral science, business administration, management science and elsewhere as they relate to the field of HRM. Faculty will guide students through written review of research and current practices, and seminar discussion in order to assist the HRM professional as a consultant to company management.

General  Objectives

This course aims to serve students with effective partnering and generating acceptance as “HR being business partner and not the cost” to accelerate HR values to the business.  This also helps students to understand the potential of HR as major service provider and integration of HR with business as support for driving business into right direction at right path to reach the destination aimed and defined by Mission.

Takeaways:    On completion of course, you will be able to:

  • Understand different dimensions of HR
  • Understand the inter-linkage and role of HR in uniting effort from all
  • Develop analytical capability and comparative studies in relation to decision making
  • Establish efficient detailing practices for better cross functional engagement in decision making
  • Develop advanced presentation skills

Learning Methodology:

The methodology for the course will be combination of review & guidance by faculty and synopsis preparation & presentation by individual student, Review & Evaluation report of presentation by team of the rest in class etc to help students achieve desired competence for application in future. However, in terms of weight age, it will be:


20% Guidance on methodology
20% Individual review and evaluation writing

20% Presentation & team work

10% Conduct & Discipline (includes Attendance)

10% Internal Tests/Exam (Joint presentation by each with Prog. Director & Faculty)

20% External Test/Exam 

Unit Contents

Course outline:

The class will have following inputs catering to deliver the assured takeaways and thus members in class are desired to study the articles served and come prepared with abstract of article delivered to them. Also presentation of synopsis on each article shall be mandatory.

  1. Initial guidance on methodology for abstract & presentation – 3 Hour

Clarifying expectation from them, Benefits of detailing, Key Elements of Research and analytical review.

  1. Synopsis presentation – 12 Hrs ( one hour per each =2 articles each) = 8 sessions/classes

Size of synopsis @40% of original article size dully supported with presentation slides duly describing the core of article working on.

  1. Analysis & Review report by peers (for presenter) – 12 Hrs (one hour each = 2 articles each) = 8 sessions/classes

Analysis report must not exceed 3 pages duly supported with slides for presentation to class.

  1. Self Reporting - 5 Hours

Finding research article one each, preparing abstract, analytical & review report (total 5 pages max each student) and sharing with class.

Text and Reference Books

Suggested Reference:

Research articles – handouts from college & self collection

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  • Short Name N/A
  • Course code MGT 677
  • Semester Fifth Trimester
  • Full Marks 100
  • Pass Marks 60
  • Credit 2 hrs
  • Elective/Compulsary Compulsary