You can Find the Master of Information Computer System  MCIS Old Question - Cloud Computing first semester here.

MCIS Old Question - Cloud Computing

Level: Master Programme: MCIS/ME-CE/CS Course: A Cloud Computing   1. Explain the difference between cloud computing, grid computing with example. Explain the characteristic of cloud computing. 2 Differentiate between SaaS, PaaS and laas? 3. Explain cloud datacenter evolution path? Explain 3-tier architecture of Clouddata center? 4. Differentiate between cloud platform and on premises application platform? 5. Explain four characteristics of Autonomic Computing? Explain the architecture of an autonomic element? 6. Define VM and its types. Explain the architecture of a GFS. (10) 7. Explain the working of MapReduce vs Hadoop with their architecture? 8. Explain 4 different ways in which a physical object can be virtualized with their example? Explain the difference between para-virtualizaion and full-virtualization? 9. Explain why security is a big concern for cloud users? Explain type of security attacks in cloud computing? 10. Explain privacy concern in cloud computing. Explain different ways of VM security?